Our Company



Born out of a deep passion for computer vision systems, Elinvision company came into existence. Over two decades ago, we began supplying high-quality computer vision systems to esteemed companies such as Kraft Foods and Phillip Morris. Driven by the same passion for vision systems, we entered into the orthopedic market.


Easy Foot Scan

The R&D team was able to reach a major milestone with the development of the first Elinvision 3D foot scanner. Despite its bulkiness and weight, the optical system showed remarkable precision that allowed further progress in this field. This breakthrough technology enabled other devices to be created.



Our partnership with Delcam marked a turning point in redefining the conventional perception of scanner design. It expanded our horizons and revealed that our capabilities exceeded our previous expectations. This realization led to the introduction of the groundbreaking iQube series to the world.



A new 9-camera scanner was designed to enhance the ease of work for orthopedic professionals. Simultaneously, the growth of additive manufacturing prompted an increased demand for 3D files in the market.