S3DT full foot scanner has a wide scale of scanning purposes. Scanning feet, foot impression foam boxes, shoe lasts or casts is not a limit. It could also be used for retail purposes to find the best-fitting shoes from the many options offered by the stores. Or it can be used for a quick and easy assessment of a baby’s head shape which helps to create a perfect-fit orthotic helmet. S3DT scanner is used in AFO‘s (ankle foot orthotic) and hand splint manufacturing processes to get the digital model.


Take a look at the example file of a foot scan or download the scanned foot model in different file formats.


Versatile design
Enables users to perform a complete foot scan, where a physicians can capture the foot in a fully weighted, partially weighted, or non-weight bearing position. Additionally, the scanner is used for scanning foam boxes, both negative and positive plaster casts, and other objects.

2D texture in color
This technology allows medical professionals to easily measure and evaluate foot conditions using 2D imaging tools in combination with 3D scanning. This function offers a comprehensive assessment of foot conditions that is both accurate and reliable

Included handle & steps
Allows customers to stand comfortably and still during scanning. The side steps are made from durable materials resistant to disinfection liquids.



0,5 mm – for perfectly accurate foot foam box,  last and hand scan.


730 x 430 x 320 mm – allows using this scanner in small offices.

Scanning area

400 x 200 x 180 mm – suitable for feet up to size 62 EU/FR.


23 kg – heavy but sturdy design makes it very stable and precise.

Scanning time

5 – 15 seconds – to capture 3D model. 

Output formats

STL, PLY, OBJ, JPEG, PNG for a 3D file and texture exporting.


USB 2.0 Type B – granting quick connectivity to any computer.

Number of cameras

1 RGB & 8 monochromatic cameras – for perfectly aligned 3D model and texture.


3D scanner
Customizable housing color & logo.

Stainless steel handle & steps
With easy and secure locking mechanism

Power supply
+19V DC, 100-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz – supporting all regions.

USB cable
Selectable 1,8 m or 3 m length cable to fit your needs.

User manual
Allowing quick setup and effortless integration.


Carry case
Allows users to pack 3D scanner and all its accessories for easy and safe transportation.