iQube S is a 3D plantar scanner that creates a digital 3D model with a texture of the sole, including the height of the arch. This type of scanner can be used to diagnose specific foot conditions, such as flat feet, high arches, plantar fasciitis, diabetic foot, ulcers, or others, and is often used in the production of custom insoles.


Take a look at the example file of a foot plantar scan or download the scanned plantar model in different file formats.


Versatile design
Allows users to scan the foot in different positions such as a full-weight, semi-weight, or non-weight bearing position. The scanner can also be used to scan various foot impressions like foam boxes, negative and positive plaster casts.

Calibrated texture
Allows users to examine the texture and color of the sole to detect any abnormalities or issues that may need to be addressed. Using 2D/3D texture in color enables to see marked areas of the foot on a 3D model.

Lightweight construction
Makes it an extremely portable device that can even be easily taken into an airplane as an onboard cabin bag. Keeping the scanner a professional orthopedic tool, this feature sets this scanner apart from other competitors on the market.

Heel positioning laser
Integrated heel positioning laser allows users to align the patient’s foot ankle. Setting the desired position of the foot before scanning assures good three-dimensional foot scan results from the first scan. Eventually, this saves some time.



1,0 mm – for perfectly accurate foot and foam box scan.


540 x 290 x 80 mm – allowing it to fit to any airplane cabin baggage.

Scanning area

350 x 160 x 80 mm – suitable for feet up to size 55 EU/FR.


5,7 kg – which makes it very lightweight and portable.

Scanning time

5 – 7 seconds – to capture 3D model.

Output formats

STL, PLY, OBJ, JPEG, PNG for a 3D file and texture exporting.


USB 2.0 Type B – granting quick connectivity to any computer.

Number of cameras

1 RGB camera – for perfectly aligned 3D model and texture.


3D scanner
Customizable housing color and glass plate design.

Carry bag
Comes with every scanner for easy and safe transportation with the possibility to add a custom logo.

Power supply
+19V DC, 100-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz – supporting all regions.

USB cable
Selectable 1,8 m or 3 m length cable to fit your needs.

User manual
Allowing quick setup and effortless integration.


VESA mounting kit
Allows users to position scanner vertically or diagonally for semi weight or non-weight bearing scans.

Side steps
Side steps with easy locking mechanism for even weight distribution during scanning.

Allows users to perform scans remotely from PC while assisting customers.