A world-renowned company that develops and manufactures innovative products and 3D technologies.


To be a good / reliable partner for companies using 3D scanning technology.


Employees, measured risk, sustainable cooperation with partners, implementation of customer needs, innovative 3D scanning technologies.

By demonstrating leadership, planning and implementing actions on risks and opportunities in order to meet the needs and expectations of customers and other stakeholders and to improve the social well-being of employees, the management of UAB Elinvision undertakes to:

  1. To respond flexibly to the needs and requirements of customers and partners, to improve the quality of products and to create competitive products that meet the requirements of the legislation of customers and partners.
  2. Improve the management system in order to reduce risks and seize opportunities, increase the adequacy and effectiveness of the management system.
  3. To meet the needs and expectations of employees and to ensure the possibility of continuous improvement.
  4. To improve the efficiency of processes by introducing new technologies.
  5. Grow steadily in financial risk assessment.